Oakmarsh Chesapeakes

Specialist breeder of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Beating and picking up

Our dogs accompany us on rough shooting trips and retrieve various game species such as pigeons, pheasants, partridges, ducks and rabbits. We also go beating and picking up on pheasant shoots and I have been wildfowling with Tia (and she got her goose!)

Gundog training



Sled dog sports

Keeping Chesapeakes fit can be a tough task, especially if you are out at work during the day, so I trained my dogs to run in front of me (Canicross), then the bike (Bikejor), and then to pull the scooter (Scooterjor).

We have had success in competitions, winning our class (female 2 dog scooterjor) at the Stowe pace setter in both 2014 and 2015!

We have recently started competing in TriDog  (Swim, bike, run with a dog). At the first ever UK event, April 2017, I competed in the Triathlon with Tia, finishing in a respectable time over the 2 days but just outside the awards. I also competed in the swim section as part of a team, with her 10 year old dam Marli and we finished in 2nd Place for the Silver medal!

At the second ever Spring TriDog, May 2018, I competed in the swim section as part of a team, with 2 year old Fennel, Tias daughter, we finished just outside the awards with a respectable 4th in the relay event!

Obedience training

All of our dogs have passed their KC Bronze Good Citizen Award.

Both Marli and Tia have Certificates of  Merit (COM) in Competition Obedience.

Working Trials

Tia (Oakmarsh Acorn) is trained in WT up to CD level. 

Unfortunately due to time constraints we have not competed towards her title. 

Dock Dogs


We had our first go at agility at the club show in 2007, Marli loved it - so much so that after the event she went back in the ring on her own and got into the tunnel!

All our dogs love training on the agility course and we find this useful for improving control and co-ordination as well as being fun!